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the werk situation....

Here it is, all that I remember from the past week.

I might have forgotten a little bit more but all I do remember is some stuff with this co werker I like named Falan but those small stories are for another time and not serious like the rest. I am getting the feeling I'm forgetting something while I'm starting this out but I also doubt that I am forgetting something between last week and since the last time I posted about werk which might have been around the time my lift service ended or when I got the letter about it.

Anyway all I remember was that last week when the schedule got into the computer, Rhonda did remember and fix my schedule for my request for Memorial Day off that I requested back in January in case my sister wanted to eat breakfast out with us and we wouldn't be stressed about whichever restaurant taking their sweet assed time bringing out our order and us having to wolf it down to get me to work on time.

The bad part about it was that the 19th was the day scheduled from 10:30-2 PM and when I looked on the new schedule, not only did I get Monday off but one of the 3 PM days got cut back to 2 PM!! So factoring back in the Monday, I gone back to 20 hours a week...I haven't been 20 hours in one week for a very long time! I was afraid that, at the best, that they'd maybe gradually and very slowly cut me below 20 hours a week (I was NEVER to my knowlege involuntarily below 20 hours a week while working for Mazzio's other than Christmass and Thanksgiving which are 1: what? Two weeks? and 2: "everyone" gets off for those two, asked or no asked)

So I was scared that I would either have to eat a possible cut and/or have to bring it up to Rhonda my suspicions of "If you have no qualms of cutting my hours below 20, then what would make me confident that my hours would be safely above 16?? I can barely afford going below 16 anywhere close to doesn't matter if I have SSI income and a mutual fund and a CD...."

Well this week all my fears of that were moot because I checked the next week's schedule (though it won't really become really official until tomorrow) and saw that they did put my Monday hours back and added an hour and in a way that not only am I a little above 20 hours, but my schedule doesn't have staggering clock out times anymore! Which is great because before the much evil Jessica Kackley was hired, my schedule for the most part was having a clock off time the same time for all but one day. Now instead of almost every other day working until 3 PM and the other two being a 2:30 and a 2, they I guess turned it into three 3 PM days and grouped them all together and bookended them with two 10:30-2 PM days.

My day turned sour however when I clocked in and went back to start working and I saw a huge note on the corkboard to sign and it essentially said that when employees have their uniform on and are not clocked in, they aren't allowed to be in the building, not allowed to order anything and sit down and eat if they have a uniform on, aren't allowed to wait in the building if the employee is waiting for a ride, and this includes getting to work early too!! Can't get to work early and walk in and sit down until clock in time unless you bother wearing "off time" clothes and carrying your work shirt and other stuff. I signed it with a little "(fine then!)" right next to it because what I thought in my moment of anger is that on the days I either wait for Joe or wait to catch the bus, I can just go outside and sit on the curb! Stupid rule says nothing about employees going out and sitting on the curb!! And in bad weather (I'm going to have to pay attention to the weather from now on) I'd wear a jacket to work and just carry my apron and hat in my hand and have my jacket buttoned or zipped up and it would be like "Uniform??? What uniform?? do you see me wearing my uniform??!??!?!?!?" In fact I just might do that every freaking day anyway...steaming hot weather, mild weather, sunny weather, rainy weather, cold weather...any weather...wear a jacket and just carry my apron and hat and have the jacket zipped up... "Uniform??? what uniform??@!?!!?!?!?"

anyway mom's home and she wants to watch "Days Of Our Lives" so she can get back up to the house...

Oh I forgot!! I did comment to a few co-werkers that all Rhonda needs to do is go "One step further" and I'd run up the Cinemark application and fill out a few other applications and TRY HARD TO GET THE HELL OUT OF THE POLITICAL DODGE!!

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