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curious problem....

I went to preview episode 8 of Evangelion and when I turned on the DVD player, I could have sworn the screen was okay but when it came up where my nephew and I stopped watching and I skipped forward to the next episode 8, the screen started appearing like I was playing a seriously overplayed and worn VCR tape. When there's text on the screen the middle of the text flitters to the left and when Asuka speaks German, the subtitle couldn't hardly be read, The colors, especially red, are quite to the point of bleeding and everything looks like some poorly colored and inked cominc. The main menu is bad too and when I stopped it, the "welcome" screen was crappy too.

My TV is so old that I need one of those converter boxes to feed the DVD signal through....I forgot what the connections on the back of the TV are and what three are there on most recent TV sets but all I remember being told is that sets today have the three connections the DVD player needs for a good picture and mine has two.

So is it the laser, the lens, something out of alignment, the converter box, or what??
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