Skrain Bodak (skrain_bodak) wrote,
Skrain Bodak

I'm back.....

but I'm almost totally upset with my uncle Wayne....I came home and I almost panicked when I saw his note and apparently he called Juno tech support or something because he wrote that since my account was a free one that they couldn't do anything about it and he couldn't restore it. So after a sinus drainage attack and throwing up my sub sandwitch in a sweat, I came back and checked D: drive and found my latest backup there.... I was worried because stupid little me incompletely went through a backup a few months ago and cleared half of the 70 floppies that my Juno backup was on to re-backup to the 70 floppies but I didn't finish the job.

Anyway, I'm almost totally upset with my uncle because when he formatted and reinstalled Windows, he did it in another totally different way that it was in the past: no more option to put the computer in sleep mode -- either shut down, go to DOS mode, or reboot; no more folder in the Start menu for Online Services...I was trying to go through the AT&T Worldnet discs we have to try and get it back and the one that I COULD use is all wigging out and the only way it's letting me try to connect ISN'T connecting at all!! I'm only online here (or trying to be) through a backup Juno account that I use for these occasions to try and get the latest build of Version 5.0 that I'm using before I restore the backup...sigh.

So, so far so looks a little better for me as far as not giving up on the internet

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