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have to get Windows redone again....

Not that bad but there's several things that my mom and I combined are bugged about... First is the fact of the "Online Services" folder not being there which is the cause of half of the other things... I didn't realize until I was checking both browsers after installing the Blaxxun 3D plugin for Cybertown that the MSIE titlebar now says in part "Internet Explorer provided by AT&T Worldnet" and I thought "Great, I have to check mom's box to see if she could get her mail in Netscape." So I went to click the button and nothing happens. Mom didn't like that and she's rather particular of checking her mail the way she's used to.

Then when I showed her she had webmail access too, I had to hold her little hand all the way and showed her how to delete messages in webmail and the worst about that is that instead of being able to use CNTL+left click or SHIFT+left click and get all the spam in one swipe, she'd have to go down the list and click each box and of course the webmail doesn't show all the messages on one page... I was getting irritated because she was going so blessed slow on the theory that if she did it my way, she'd "be rushing right on through and screwing something up"!! That was after I made the comment that the only email that she actually doesn't delete on sight, the only email that she ever gets that isn't spam, is only from family and the occasional AT&T Worldnet notice! And I know that she doesn't get much of those that often.

So here I am, irritated, knowing that 99.99999999% of her box is spam, and then suddenly while I was out there in the living room waiting on her, she calls for me to hold her hand again because a full screen pop up ad comes up (in retrospect I should have told her instead to close the popup) and I go in there and tell her to click on the window that had the mail on it....

Now look what I just said....I said "tell her to CLICK on the window that had the mail on it..." Instead she clicks on it...RIGHT clicks...and closes it out!!! Then we got in a mild yelling match with her asking how she can get it back and me saying "I didn't say to close it, now we're going to have to go and get back to that page" and she's getting upset back at me because she's expecting to just pull up one of the other windows and have the mail right there...

And that my friends, is so impossible because the other windows are pop up ads...there was no other way to get the mail up because the browser window that had the mail was closed out!! Yet she was getting upset because she expected to just be BANG there and that I was trying to correct her mistake the only way anyone could do...go back to the AT&T page, click the "My AT&T" tab and click on the ### new messages link...

Then when I made some comment about her being incompetent the yelling match got worse and apparently she thought that I was out of bounds as her son to be calling her incompetent on anything and then she got mad enough to stand up and grab me by the shirt and she ripped it...and I was wearing one of the two shirts she brought back from her cruise several years ago for me. After that, things got physical and she took me to a hotel and I stayed the night there. (yes, ANYONE who would hear "click on that window" and take it to mean "click that window closed" is incompetent...ANYONE who has to have her figurative hand held especially when she encounters a pop up ad is incompetent...we've both had internet access since 1997 and yet she's acting like she's just getting on and discovering all this stuff???)

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