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Oh Why didn't Uncle Wayne write this in the note to tell us...???

I called him today to ask about the AT&T thing and see when he'd be able to come out to the house to do a QuickRestore (since I took the time yesterday and missed the weekly Metaverse meeting to backup my Juno to the floppies) so we could get the "Online Services Folder" back and get our AT&T dialer back. He told me that the sooner he'd be able would be next Monday since his church's VBS is this week but during the conversation he told me to go into Control Panel and bring up "Add/Delete Programs" and click the middle tab. Then I scrolled down the checklist and saw while he was telling me about him not checking the box next to the Online Services!!


When I did that, and took off the dialer I downloaded over the weekend, and even rebooted, I went to the recently unhidden folder and tried....TRIED... to get our dialer back up... about halfway through it said that there were some components of the other software on the computer!! So I did EVERYTHING including using the "Add/Delete Program" thing to take off the old dialer....reinstalling one of the older dialers on and then when doing the "Add/Delete" clicking "Yes to all" for the shared files.. etc etc, NOTHING WORKED and now there's no way for the internet to get back up except for Juno and I'm having problems getting on through the backup account!!

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