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busy day today...

This day ended w/ this odd chat w/ Judy, one of my contacts from the defunct Sixdegrees site that's one of the most active ppl in my 6D Yahoogroup.... This guy that she's been friends w/ longer had made this "deal" w/ her that if no one else catches her attention in three years that they'd get married and apparently she told him a lot more than just that she knows me from 6D....b/c he messaged her to tell me to stay away and I was like "What's the big deal?" b/c I'm her friend too and they are both for all intents and purposes still friends because it's not like he got down on his knees and gave her an engagement ring and popped the question.... She even said that he's just a friend...not a bf... and he was saying how he's threatened because I was questioning all of that... Of course one would question.... it's more normal to propose in the traditional manner...not make these, "deals"....

I know the real reason he's's because he doesn't want another man to grab the attention....

Well before I got all my answers, Judy must have been bumped off or something b/c I saw her SN vanish from Q....
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