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Windows XP help....

I'm leaving this a public entry because I want Zen Sorcere to read this and help out too... zannah can you help get him to read this too???

okay...things have gotten a little flaky here since the last time I posted. My uncle called since the last time and said that a wierd thing happened and that when he tried to tinker with our unit some more, apparently there was just a trace of dust somewhere and he was able to complete the QuickRestore (of course somehow we were the incometent ones in remembering which CD we agreed was the most recent one or something since when we got there, I discovered on my own that the AT&T that he installed was the OLDER CD, and for some reason it also overwrote the installer in the "Online Services" folder.

Anyway when my mom and I arrived, we discovered the CD-ROM quit working again!!!!! We tried everything we could think of to get it to work but it was having trouble recognizing was like was "I know there's a CD-ROM but I don't want to acknowlege it" so we talked about Dell and what we want in a new computer and the short of it is, that we ordered a new Dell with Windows XP

We also learned today at Best Buy (actually my mom did) that my warranty is still in effect and the motherboard is covered but they have to be the ones to install it and no one else...but that's neither here or there in my question.

My question is, since I have obviously no software that covers XP in the little box, thing, list...on the bottom or side of the wrapping... how would I go about installing the software from the CD??

I actually did try long ago to see what I heard long ago that I could run an older program on XP (actually I learned later how to go into the program preferrences and find the tab where I can set up the program for Win98 emulation...) and I snuck Doom II in my coat pocket up to Best Buy and tried to run it off of the CD on one of their laptop displays but all I got was the sound effects and music and no popup with the "play" and "install" buttons...

So how would I go about installing my stuff? Do I just pop in the CD's and just go into Windows Explorer and copy the installer programs over into a temporary directory and run them off of C: or what? I'm almost scared here.... I would want the programs I use the most on my new Dell and know how to set them up with the Win98 emulation but the problem is how to install...

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