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The tech never showed today. He called while mom was out so I got his number and tried to get to mom at sister's house but they all went out. When they all came here, I told mom what he said and she was able to talk to him. He was routed somewhere else and they were going to get us a different tech but everything was confused, which was good in itself since we were talking to the first guy for the past week or so and if the other tech came out he might be very snooty... like he might not really "want to" watch over our shoulder as we install Java and Works 2000, at least, nor show us through XP.

Now we have to wait until Friday....

Watched the Animatrix all the way through this evening.

The only one I didn't get was Matriculated...was that the one with the machines being "in the Matrix" instead of the humans? It seemed more like Terminator 2 with the humans having a machine or two on their side fighting the other machines but with the difference of letting the machines choose instead of reprogramming them.

But I don't get it beyond that, it seemed to have no plot and seemed to be just some kinda fancy "look what I can do with all these pretty colors and special effects" type showcase thing with everyone running around in some funky "non-Matrix but also non-real world" type place with avatars that seem to be out of Cybertown and/or Blaxxun Contact's avatar studio....

Did I miss something?


Jul. 29th, 2003 03:19 pm (UTC)
I meant that I'm glad that the second tech didn't come out because he MIGHT have been the type that was snooty because he would have been not knowing everything yet...for all we know the work order might have just "hook up the Dell and show them around a little" or something and he'd probably say something about policy if we ask him to watch us put some stuff on. I was concerned because we've been dealing with the one guy for practically all this time and we would have gotten someone else out because "our" guy was rerouted.

Have you seen the Animatrix? Maybe you can tell me what the message or plot of "Matriculated" was?
Jul. 30th, 2003 01:04 am (UTC)
Re: misunderstood....
I'm not sure what I misunderstood... I was just saying I don't like snooty tech support guys :p Kind of a rant I guess. I wasn't implying that you were like the customer I mentioned if that's what you thought. Anyways, no, I haven't seen the Animatrix yet. I have it, but I've been lazy :p
Jul. 30th, 2003 07:39 pm (UTC)
Re: misunderstood....
Yeah but you're a beautiful and hot lazy... it's easy for you since you can just tack "beautiful and hot" in front of anything you use to describe yourself. ;-)

I learned this week that a friend I graduated with is on maternity leave....aaaaargh! I hate it. :-( No matter how many friends tell me that I'm not a freak, I still feel like one...the 30 year old virgin freak of the Class of 1992 who would still be unwanted, unmarried, no kids, and just bleh at the 20 year reunion.

Maybe at 25 year if I'm still the same boring thing, I'll just blow my head away...

better yet, find some poison stuff...like arsenic or something that would finish me within the evening and then put it on my food...eat it or drink it up...die in the middle of all of them and show them all. :P

I'm stupid aren't I? I mean I would love to die quick but yet when I get suicidal I tend to do it in a way that's slow so I could give myself a chance to back out... I'm chicken I guess...and stupid...because part of me always thinks that there is hope.

Part of what I'm going to put in a future post..

"Maybe we're part of a Matrix but it isn't...like...THE Matrix, because that would be quite too obvious then would it? Maybe the real world is in one of the thousands of alternate 31st century futures that is set in the Battletech RPG and novels and we're all placed in 'a Matrix' built and operated by either the Free Worlds League or the Lyran Alliance... I never did trust the Steiner family...full of psychotic sneaky bastards, they are all evil from this pastor I used to have right up to Archon Katherine...most of them are evil except for two and those two are fictional.... It would be a paradise though, to realise the 21st century isn't real...that the only real thing about it is that it's a nightmare and your job is a nightmare...MY job IS a NIGHTMARE...and to be able to jump in a Battlemech's cockpit and go and get yourself killed.