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The tech never showed today. He called while mom was out so I got his number and tried to get to mom at sister's house but they all went out. When they all came here, I told mom what he said and she was able to talk to him. He was routed somewhere else and they were going to get us a different tech but everything was confused, which was good in itself since we were talking to the first guy for the past week or so and if the other tech came out he might be very snooty... like he might not really "want to" watch over our shoulder as we install Java and Works 2000, at least, nor show us through XP.

Now we have to wait until Friday....

Watched the Animatrix all the way through this evening.

The only one I didn't get was Matriculated...was that the one with the machines being "in the Matrix" instead of the humans? It seemed more like Terminator 2 with the humans having a machine or two on their side fighting the other machines but with the difference of letting the machines choose instead of reprogramming them.

But I don't get it beyond that, it seemed to have no plot and seemed to be just some kinda fancy "look what I can do with all these pretty colors and special effects" type showcase thing with everyone running around in some funky "non-Matrix but also non-real world" type place with avatars that seem to be out of Cybertown and/or Blaxxun Contact's avatar studio....

Did I miss something?


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