Skrain Bodak (skrain_bodak) wrote,
Skrain Bodak

got hit by a VIRUS!!!!!!

I got this message saying something like my juno account was suspended because my credit card info was wrong or something like that and, like an idiot, the minute I saw the subject line I clicked on it and that's how I read about my Juno being suspended and I was like "WTH???? I have a free account and never gave them a credit number, I'm not even secondary on any of my mom's cards anymore since 'Master Plan Omega' when I was ordering Battletech sourcebooks through Barnes and Noble online"

So I told mom what I just read and told her I had to call the support number to figure out if this is real or hoax or what (the call is $1.95 a minute, I think I read...and have called before but the alarming change I met is that they aren't billing the phone company or whatever anymore...they ask for credit card number!! I had to use my mom's)

So when I was trying to describe what I had to the tech after getting the info, he was like "uh oh!!" and stated giving me a few URL's and told me what to look for and I went there and did all the steps and stuff and was told there's no virus but still...
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