Skrain Bodak (skrain_bodak) wrote,
Skrain Bodak

Hey kimberz

Here's what happened and I didn't include the part where I had to undego about 2-3 hours of torture patiently waiting to get back home to do a half finished job because my brother-in-law picked me up to ensure my mom goes to my sister's house to get surprised with a surprise dinner for her upcoming birthday.... (this is what I wrote Angel since she was on at the time too)


Can you believe that all those troubles ended up to be (pardon me) a fucking worm?? It was a fucking worm!! don't know how it got on there I mean I got home between 4:30 and 5 and there was something in the antivirus logs on something else and then I forgot what I did with the antivirus...I was looking up the other thing on the website while connected to ATT and then did something called Intelligent Updater or something because the Live Update kept saying the antivirus was up to date so after the Intelligent Updater I did something with the program and got this message that I got.... W32.blaster.worm so I went to the place the link was and went through the steps and I even tried going to the microsoft write up and read that and tried getting the patch but the first time I got the first blue screen on here and before this I even tried to go into c:\windows\system32 and deleting the file that it was with and it wouldn't let me because it was a "system file" but after I was forced to reboot it was gone.

Now in the antivirus logs there isn't anything else other than the stuff for W32.blaster.worm and I coudln't find the earlier thing that I saw which I hate because I wanted to look into that now too. Oh well at least I got everything corrected to my knowlege and the microsoft patch even corrected that....whatever it was...that forced me to reboot every few minutes while using my sister's account to get on the net for free.

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