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back from the Irish Festival...

There's two events my family usually enjoys going to each year. One is the Greek Festival in the fall sponsored by Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church in Tulsa and the Irish Festival which was today and sponsored by a few groups but foremost by the Irish American Club of Tulsa and is at the Broken Arrow Community Center. Both happenings have food and entertainment and ethnic oriented stuff to sell. The only difference is sizes and the food....the only Irish there food wise is the Guinness and...oh dang I forgot the other type of beer but it wasn't Beamish which I have had. Anyway I got a Celtic dance music CD which are instrumentals with wind instruments and my mom got the Irish Tenors CD and some soap and a T-shirt. Well, the computer had several BSD's a few minutes ago and I was playing on my favorite MUD, "Realms of Despair" so I'd better go get back on.
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