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Now I'm concerned...

The last time I heard from Angel was yesterday morning....she was visiting some friends in Louisiana and said she was going to church down there before she headed back. -EDIT- I don't want anyone to think from reading what I typed below the quot that I'm only worried about how this concerns me or what the people close to me and connected to me IRL think of my relationship. I am also quite scared for Angel...I'm scared also that she might be dead like in an accident or something....

I love you too. I will miss you too. I think I am just about ready. Got ready faster than I thought I would. All I need to do is load up and since you can't talk this morning at all, I think I will just load up and head on out. Will stop by and see mom for a bit first and then get gas put in the car. Then I think I will stop somewhere and get the kids some lunch and let them eat on the way.
Well, I better do something anyway. Jonathan keeps taking his socks and shoes off. He hates wearing them. Lol.
I'll miss you very, very much. Behave yourself and I will call when I return.

Does this mean what I think it means and she meant that she was heading back yesterday? How freaking long would it take to get to Nashville, AR from even the most northwestern part of Louisiana???? I'm very worried and scared...I haven't received ANY email from her or even a call...I called and got voice mail...

*cries* Am I being dumped? what did I do wrong? what????? Was I used?????? There are still some certain people that don't believe what I have is real and don't believe that it would last for very long, especially outside of the net...they think that the relationship wouldn't even make it to the first meeting.

And one of them is my mom! I tried to call Angel last night and when she was back here and saw the card she said something about "...were you trying to call your 'so called girlfriend'?"

I really need to get Angel and my mom together either voice conversation or through MSN so they can talk...that is if I'm not being used and/or dumped.

I don't wanna be a failure....unloved...unwanted...trash...pathetic...I am pathetic...I am Freddy and Jason.... *tear*
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