Skrain Bodak (skrain_bodak) wrote,
Skrain Bodak

What the malfing hell where they thinking?????????????

What was Brad Fitz and those other malfers thinking??? I went to see if Kyla added me back and I got the new LJ layout when her user info came up and then I saw the news LJ and it said that it is a new layout that they tested for months!!! I hope I don't have to change it to the old format through browser options every single time I come...otherwise I'd have to go through the site map to get to my invite codes because under the new layout, there's no "invite a friend" link in the submenus at the top. That's my only gripe...if they are going to do this sort of change....please put the damned links that were on the side of the page in the menus...every single malfing one!!!

Why does management and corporate in every malfing place think...THINK!!...that they are the malfing bomb shit???? That whatever change they think up is "pure genius"????

here's my comment in that post in news

This change is stupid I mean it freaked me out...

I had to go through the entire new menu thing to find where to get to the invite cotes and what's more??? I had to go through the "Site Map" thing to find it because it's not found in the menu under the new layout. On the original layout it was easily found in the links on the I had to go through the side map unless I changed it back to the old layout.
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