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It was great....((Voyager finale spoiler))

A little sad though at how different the future Janeway was different...and from what I understood of everything when it ended.....IT SUCKED!!! I mean if Admiral Janeway was from 20 years from the "present" and was a product of the voyage home taking that long, and Captain Janeway was helped into thinking up the plan to both use the Borg transwarp array thingie and destroy it at the same time, then the 20 years that produced the future Admiral Janeway that went back in time from the "future" changed.... THAT MEANS THAT THERE'S NO BASIS FOR A MOVIE!!!!

So what's the purpose of there being a Voyager movie when the time comes for everyone to be bored of Next Generation movies if Voyager has gone through a Borg transwarp corridor and "bada bing bada boom" INSTANT HOME???????

The reason why I have figured this out already is that during the second half of the two hour finale, I think it was the Admiral Janeway that said to the effect of that all the transwarp hub thingies in the Alpha Quadrant are receivers....and since there's only 6 in the entire galaxy.... then between Delta and Alpha is similar to most streets in downtown in ONE WAY only.....

I've got one thing to say to Mr Branon Braga....and to the character of Admiral Janeway....

Mr. a writer....YOU SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Admiral' an Admiral FROM THE FUTURE....who VIOLATED the Temporal Prime Directive....YOU SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm going into mourning now.....
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