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Now this really makes me mad...

All day from this afternoon there were two things that should have happened but didn' earlier post I tried to post from my client but it kept saying that the server can't be contacted or something to that effect so I went to the web interface and posted it. Later on I had to just give up trying to post another post because not only was the client saying the same thing but the CPU usage percentage was topping out at 100% again and I had to reboot all evening ad nauseum to get it to where it won't shoot up to 100% each time I get on the net....

MSN Messenger won't log on at all for me and I know there have been at least two that have been able to log on today. I can do other messengers...the MSN Messenger status page says or claims everything is working okay but I keep on getting "Signing into the .Net messenger service failed because the service is temporarily not available"

What's the deal with that?????????? What if this is gonna go on forever????
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