Skrain Bodak (skrain_bodak) wrote,
Skrain Bodak


it seems that just because MSIE was bumped into offline status for some odd damn assed reason, that's why I had the trouble logging onto MSN/Windows Messenger and the LJ Client (how should I know how to put it in offline mode? I don't use Internet Explorer that often unless I really need to and besides even with Netscape I don't use it in offline mode...isn't the normal use of a browser in ONLINE mode??).

mela_angel if you read this, sorry I wasn't on...I was wrestling with this all evening until 4 AM trying to figure this out...Brie on Ringo thought it was some server isolation maintenance.

Oh!! And to all of you out there... I was totally sidetracked, didn't get any studying done...because 1) my sister was wondering about something to do but after mom and I went on a quick grocery shopping outing and went over there, she didn't know what to do so mom and her just sat and talked and I watched Big Brother 4....

Then mom wanted some picture quality non gloss printer paper so we went to Best Buy and looked around and got some and I got....

I GOT CHOBITS VOLUME 1...... Can anyone say, "Chii"????
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