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my pride and honor has been damaged

This evening while checking out the solutions manual to copy off the next chapter's worth of answers for my homework, one of the aides told me that I had a $5 fine..


I have never checked out any books at that library ever... I have turned back in the solutions manual and the notes after copying them each time, but yet both aides...including one that goes to my church, couldn't give me anything more certain than it appears to be a copy of an instructor's guide??? Anyway I've done very good so far this semester AND ALL OF THE PREVIOUS TIME I TOOK INTRO TO FINANCE checking out both notes and solutions manual AND TURNING EACH COPY BACK IN RIGHT AFTER COPYING and this hurts that I have a $5 fine ALL FOR NOTHING!!!!!!

I even was upset enough that I made a few cracks about wondering if I happened to "turn the item in the wrong way" and one crack -- I think it was when I turned it back in -- about (something to the effect of) "Let's see if I can get ANOTHER $5. fee after turning THIS back in..."

I started making self-insults comparing myself to my second ex-gf Angela Bradshaw because I heard Jennifer Story and the other girl talking about someone being dumb and I said something about me being possibly dumb because I probably didn't turn that one item in the right way or in the right manner and got fined for it and the other girl said something about it not being right to insult myself like that....

WHATEVER....I still could be as stupid as Angela. If I did actually not turn it back in somehow and THINK that I did, then possibly I REALLY DO have the same IQ as a Downes Syndrome person.

In my mind, this is a black smear (and one I will dwell on for the rest of the semester and until I get through next semester with no fines or anything...a MORE THAN PERFECT semester...) and what would make it worse is if the Bursars make me pay it anyway when I go to them and talk with them and tell that I've never turned anything in late in my life and that possibly there has been some records glitch due to someone possibly checking out the same copy right behind me.

A $5 fee.........FOR NOTHING!!!!!!!!! My beautiful record!!!!!!!

This semester immediately sucks....

btw, Angel, I got a 69% on that test.... and there's a few questions that I COULD HAVE gotten right if I had remembered and/or read them correctly.

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