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Greek festival....

Well the annual Greek Glendi in Tulsa (done every year by this Greek Orthodox Church in Tulsa) wasn't as good as previous years, we thought.

Though most of it was routine with the dancing and the food (of course) they changed the menu.... instead of a choice of beef kabobs or chicken it was between beef kabobs and chicken kabobs. I was kinda afraid that there wouldn't be bread and the cheese stuffed bread with it but there was, but there wasn't a big slice of bread. Considering how much money I had, I should have went with the gyro this year because I wanted some Bysantine chants but anyway...I could have paid with check but didn't. I got the chants though...and also was able to get a new fisherman's hat because mom was all over me for gettting a new hat.

For some reason the old hat I got was too small.

Anyway the dissapointing part was that mom and I got to the line down there which was also next to the booths that had the bakery and the clothes and jewelry and stuff, and saw NOTHING in the bakery and then we learned the bakery was sold out by yesterday morning because the weather was so good and stuff.

We had to leave kinda empty handed this year...NO BAKLAVA....WAAAAAAAHHHHHH....
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