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These stupid ppl......

I can't believe how stupid and arrogant this one driver that usually works nights is...I mean he thinks the dishwashing machine takes everything off and half ignores when most of them come out the other end still dirty!! I tell you what, this undercover "spoonhead" (as those in the Federation love to call us Cardassians) now knows the reason why the Union hates the Federation so much....I'm glad I took "certain steps" not to be made to stay behind and undo his mistakes and stay longer than I normally do. Stupid Federation bastard thinks his free time and off-clock life is more important than mine!?!?!?!? K'Vrassad!!! Lazy bum takes out the trash this morning while I cleaned the lot and then sits out in his truck on his worthless asshole while a whole pile of empty boxes and a full trash sack was cramming the dishpit....I'm glad nobody made me take that out. (I'd love to set the UFP on FIRE!!)

Now Turning off my IC mode and turning on my RL mode... LOL ... on the upside I might have a date!! her name's Heather and she goes to my church. I'd have to call her this week though to see if we can do it this Sunday...that's the downside since whenever I try to call her I get the machine.. :-(
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