Skrain Bodak (skrain_bodak) wrote,
Skrain Bodak

My mom had to go to work at noon today so she decided to skip church...those of you that know my current issue about the church I go to (not really anything against it though) know about the opportunity that has presented itself due to my mom's crappy bosses at her job working her so long today....

I looked at the bright side over the weekend and went to my friend Lori's church!! :) Of course it was also my co-worker Glenn's church too. Yes it's the Nazarene church in my neighborhood and it was a great church. No one really used the hymnals since the songs were projected on this screen behind the choir though...and the service was a cross between the Assembly of God and Lutheran, trust me I know.

They were more upbeat than a Lutheran church and more involved and didn't have much of a liturgy but, like the Lutheran church, they do print out the details of their service in the bulletin. I was very surprised that the sermon is much like the Lutheran sermon like they do the "sermon notes" with fill in the blank things... and the pastor was so engaging and clear that I didn't have that much problem filling it out, especially when they had like some kind of powerpoint thing on the projector.

They do do some random standing and sitting and at one point there was like a quarter of the congregation started clapping during this song and raising up their hands but for some strange....very strange...reason I didn't mind it with THEM like I usually do with an AOG congregation. Oh and there was an altar call during the prayer...I had some feeling to go ahead and go up but still a part of me still felt uneasy...there was a big group of people up there but for some reason I only saw a few and just chickened out.

Anyway, that was all. I only wish I can have these opportunities more often (especially on Sunday mornings...and especially when Lori is taking a break from college) but mom put the smack down on the new bakery manager and told her she can only come in this early on Sunday only this once.

At least there's Sunday evening...if I can since I know there's a 6 PM Sunday evening service.

Of course I can always look forward to a sick mum!!!! hahahahahahahahhahaha
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