Skrain Bodak (skrain_bodak) wrote,
Skrain Bodak


just as I figured....merge on "Survivor"...during the last half of the much vaunted two part "surprise" thing that I complained about last week (the whole "sudden twin Tribal Councils to vote off two to get two evictees back" thing)...

So now yet again, and I think it has always been the same damn number EVERY TIME....the merged tribe with TEN members...FIVE from each tribe *goes totally bulimic!!*

Even though now I still have my four favorites still in, I'm less enthusiastic this time since none of them are Asian, I'm still looking for the first Asian winner of Survivor.

Nor are any of them disabled, still looking for THAT one too!! Last season irritated me on that one....that was the one that I QUIT WATCHING after Christi (the deaf gal) got voted out, just like I quit watching the one before when Shii Ann got voted out.

btw, those of you that have been reading me long enough to know how I pick my faves on these types of shows, you will be surprised to hear that one of my favorites from this season of Survivor...and this one is because of the total coolness factor...



Yes indeedy you guys heard it from me, a GUY is one of my favorites to win this Survivor.

So at this point if ALL of the following get voted off before the final three then I am quitting watching this season:


Like the Clans in Battletech say in their "Rememberance": This verse has ended...
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