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been too long

I've mostly recovered from the Heather fiasco...**forget Heather**...and mostly I've had some therapeutic use of those calling cards. :-) They are cool. I've called Lieske, the best friend I've ever had, more than 4 times already in the past month. :-) She has such a sweet voice and we talk about a lot of stuff.

I've seen Charlie's Angels the other night and if anyone's seen it, you know that part when they do surveillance at that formal party and Cameron Diaz does the bar waitress thing and the bartender's like checking her out and stuff so the others like tell her how to get his attention and when she does, they start talking and they go "He speaks Natalie"?? Well the best way to describe how well and close the friendship between Lieske and I is, is that she "speaks Al."

One time I called her the day before I went to the Trek Expo and I did e-mail this e-pal group we are both in months ago about it and said that Kate Mulgrew would be there and that I would have also got to meet Nana Visitor and Rene Aubor......((dammit I hate those difficult French names, why can't they be as easy as Celene Dion or something??)) but # 1: This year is the first year thatA) the Trek Expo lasted for three days over the weekend and B) no "blanket weekend" reserved ticket cost was listed and # 2: the reserve ticket cost I think went up again!! So it was a no contest situation between either seeing Odo and Kira and seeing Captain guess which ticket I did buy, Friday reserved or Sunday reserved? ;-)

Anyway back to that one phone call to Lieske....I think it was that I tried to call her one day the week before and she had already gone to work so I talked to her mom and her mom's actually very nice too and I told her about probably seeing Kate Mulgrew so she told Lieske and when I talked to Lieske last Saturday she told me "You just gotta get me her autograph!!" and I told her I'd do the best I can since the convention people has a policy of only one autograph per person. So the next day after church I went straight up there....went straight to the pre-paid ticket table and handed them the ticket to put in a transparent tag thing and I looked up at the schedule on the table to see if I missed Kate Mulgrew yet or not and I looked it up and down and I was like "errrrrr....mmmmm....errr...mmm..." and then the lady told me that Kate had a family emergency and had to back out virtually at the last minute!! :~( I was disappointed even though I got to see Avery Brooks, Garrett Wang, James Doohan, Tracy Scoggins, and Alice Krige...I finally got in touch w/ Lieske on Monday afternoon since I promised I'll call after the convention but I got the answering machine all evening after returning home. I was like "Now I'm gonna cry!!" and she was dissapointed when I told her about it too but she thought it was cool about the autographs I got. She told me she'd talk to the local Starfleet chapter in Virginia Beach to see if there are any conventions nearby that she doesn't know about and if Kate's going to them soon and if so, she's going to go and try to get me an autograph.

I told Lieske that I'm glad that she had an emergency anyway b/c on Monday I had a great idea how to get an autograph for her if Kate Mulgrew comes to Tulsa next year...which has been done before by another Trek actor in a similar circumstance...he came the next year because he had to back out one year b/c his wife went into labor. Chase Masterson was supposed to visit one year but she backed out b/c of a previous contract but I got her autograph another year even though she wasn't on the flyer....she had her own table another year... So anyway I had this idea that next year if I get up and go to ask my questions, tell briefly that if it wasn't for the character of Janeway and her portrayal of her, I wouldn't have the best friend I ever had, and then ask if I can ask her one more question...she'd ask what it was...and I'd then get down on my knees and ask her to autograph a pic for my friend....

Cool huh?

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