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Journal of Szadek/Czadek

Szadek of the Mekhet clan, Lancea Sanctum covenant....Czadek the blackpill

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Skrain Bodak
11 May 1973
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Hello, my name is Al and I hope we could really be friends. Please don't be scared or disgusted if you read back among the several years I've had this journal because it is a testament of how much I have grown as a person. I love reading, RPGs (all kinds of roleplaying including fantasy, supernatural, MMOs, LARPs, and PBEMs), watching TV, working on computer and geocaching and waymarking.

Anything else I forgot to mention here could be gleamed by reading entries since there's a lot of me that I fail to list.

Oh and I love Vampire: The Requiem and Matrix Online...sad that the latter is now gone but the memories of having Zion and Merv alts remain.

You can also find me on Second Life as Albert Spear (and YES I do know of the real Albert Speer since I love history!)

"That though you are Damned, your Damnation has purpose. It is the will of God that you are what you are, and the will of God is that the Damned exist to show the evils of turning from Him. The evil become Damned; God has taken those worthy of His love to His own side."
—Testament of Longinus, Vampire: The Requiem

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I am flower named skrain_bodak !
I consist of my friends!
Are you flower too?

my pet!

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